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Credit Su over at MySpace for tipping me off to these two YouTube gems about problems with Diebold voting machines and attempts to rig elections with same:

And this:

But hey, I’m sure they’ve got all the bugs worked out by now…

jane doe

…about two states I love to hate: Florida and Texas. The first concerns the election for the reprentative from Florida district 13 — Kos presents a strong case for those claiming the election was stolen on behalf of the Republican candidate (Vern Buchanan) in a 369-vote “victory” over Democrat Christine Jennings in an election where nearly 18,000 votes apparently failed to register on electronic voting machines used in the district. The second involves the almost poetic outcome of DeLay’s gerrymandering of the Texas congressional districts, which resulted in the losses of a number of established Democratic representatives from that states (bad) with the net effect of removing Texas from any positions of power in the House committees in the new Democratic-controlled HoR (poetic). Texans who are displeased with this outcome: you now know who to blame…

jane doe

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