Hello, world, and welcome to my little corner of the internet.

I was motivated to start this blog because I was deeply troubled by developments in the United States during the Bush administration. Our civil rights were steadily being eroded by his administration, working people and the environment were (and still are) being trampled by multinational corporations concerned only with raking in obscene profits, political corruption seems to be the rule rather than the exception in our nation’s capital, and looming over all of this, there are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I welcome and encourage comments to my posts. You can also email me at janedoe_tcandm [at] inbox.com

For now, I am allowing anyone who wants to post comments to do so, though I reserve the right to cancel comments that are abusive or threatening. If things get nasty, I may change that policy, but I hope not to. I believe that the appropriate cure for offensive or abusive speech is more speech, not censorship. Nevertheless, I would prefer to see reasoned debate over ad hominem attacks. If I start seeing too much of the latter at the expense of the former, I will change my posting policy. Let’s all play nice, shall we?

jane doe