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If you’re on Twitter (which I just joined a couple days ago in light of the Iran situation – @janedoe_tcm), I recommend following @persiankiwi for English-language “tweets” from someone on the ground in Tehran.

Intense and disturbing.

jane doe

Matt Taibbi has apparently abandoned all hope. The system is completely fucked, and so are we. I’d leave, but where would I go? I’m taking suggestions, if anyone has any.

jane doe

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or with my family), you know that there is some serious badness happening in Iran at the moment, as the public reacts to highly questionable election results.

The best English-language coverage I’ve seen so far is courtesy of Nico Pitney, who’s been liveblogging since the election results came out at Huffington Post. Definitely worth checking out.

He’s posted a music video put together by one of his readers. The music is Rage Against the Machine, but the images are all recent photos and videos coming out of Iran:

jane doe

Okay, yeah, once again I’ve been terribly negligent about updating this blog. Frankly, I had hoped that the need for this blog would go away after the shrub left office. I thought I’d feel better about things once the grown-ups were back in charge.

Silly me.

But where to start?

Dick Cheney’s All-Torture, All-The Time Tour?

The Obama White House’s insistence that we just accept that we don’t torture anymore so we should just move forward?

The whole same-sex marriage issue?

The screams of “Socialism!” from the far right in response to just about everything that Obama proposes?

The murder of Dr. Tiller?

So many things worthy of comment, I hardly know where to begin…

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