At least for the next four years, the federal government will be tempering its drug policy in a humane manner.

Yesterday, our new Attorney General, Eric Holder – already several orders of magnitude better in that role than Alberto Gonzales – announced that “the Justice Department will no longer raid medical marijuana clubs that are established legally under state law.”

This is very good news for people suffering from various conditions where administration of marijuana can be beneficial. Marijuana can be particularly beneficial for those undergoing chemotherapy, because it helps counter the nausea-inducing effects of the chemo drugs so the patient can keep food down. If the patient can maintain a healthy diet, his or her chances of surviving the cancer and the chemotherapy are much better.

The previous federal policy of arresting those who are merely trying to help the gravely ill by providing them with a proven treatment for the nausea that accompanies chemotherapy – or arresting the gravely ill themselves for using marijuana – was nonsensical and frankly cruel. It resulted in unnecessary suffering by those who were already fighting for their lives.

It’s nice to see a more enlightened enforcement policy being announced.

jane doe