Needless to say, I am beyond relieved that our country has not opted for four more years that look like the last eight years.

Oh, yeah, and the whole being in Chicago to see history being made part has been pretty cool, too.

One of the local papers estimated the crowd in and around Grant Park to be about 240,000 people. Someone else pointed out (and I have not checked this to confirm it) that that is more people than live in the entire state of Alaska. All on hand to celebrate the Obama/Biden victory.

Or should I say “landslide”?

Whichever you want to call it, it was an amazing night watching the returns come in.

As for today, well, everyone I’ve run into so far seems to be smiling.

Of course, some would say that is as much due to the unseasonably warm weather Chicago is experiencing at the moment – I’ve never lived here, but I would imagine that usually one would want to wear something warmer than a t-shirt by November (I guess that whole global warming thing does have one advantage) – but the people who would say that are probably just a bunch of bitter McCain/Palin voters, so their opinion isn’t about to bring the rest of us down today.

Now if we could just impeach Bush and Cheney, life would be just about perfect on the political front…at least until the next wave of scandals breaks.

jane doe