So it turns out that McCain’s vice presidential pick – you know, Sarah Palin, the one who’s supposedly all big with the Christian values and teaching abstinence instead of birth control (which she opposes) – well, her unmarried 17-year-old daughter is apparently pregnant. Like, five months pregnant. According to the New York Times article, the girl (Bristol) will be keeping the baby and plans to marry the baby’s father.


To Palin’s credit, she is being a supportive mom for her daughter.

To McCain’s credit, he is not throwing Palin under a bus. And at least one account I’ve seen says he knew about the impending joyous event when he chose Palin as his VP candidate.

Of course, I have nothing but good wishes for Bristol and her pending bundle of joy. Good for you, kiddo, if you’re doing what you want to do.

But next time – you might want to look into some of that birth control that your mom is so opposed to. Because seriously, you’re seventeen – do you really want to have to become a grown-up this fast?

jane doe

NB: There were already rumors circulating that in fact Palin’s youngest child is not hers, but her daughter’s – delivered when Bristol was sixteen. According to witnesses, Palin did not look pregnant even on the day she claims to have delivered the child – indeed, she flew from Dallas to Seattle to Alaska while she was allegedly in labor, something no sane pregnant woman would ever do. So why did she do it? Because, the story goes, she wasn’t having a baby, and she needed to be in the city where the baby was being born on the day of the delivery if she was going to claim that the child was hers and not her daughter’s.