Now that the morning rush hour traffic has passed, I am going to go brave downtown Denver and see what there is to see of a political nature. Mostly, I plan on doing a lot of people watching – I love to see group dynamics at play. Plus, I want to see what’s going on as far as any major protests this week, since that’s the one area I have a fair chance of getting some good pictures and maybe interviews.

In my bag, I have the following critical pieces of convention-watching equipment:

  • My laptop
  • Cameras
  • Phone
  • Cords and cables for all of the above, for when their batteries give out
  • My iPod (because a venture of this nature requires the proper soundtrack)
  • A spiral notebook
  • A pen
  • My trusty Cubs cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • An apple and a PB&J sandwich
  • Driver’s license, credit card, and cash
  • Maps

You may have notice that nowhere on that list is any sort of credentials that could actually get me into anything convention-related. I have none. Apparently, my blog is too tiny to be considered worthy of such luxuries. Which means that if I get caught anywhere I shouldn’t be, I may end up at Gitmo on the Platte for a few hours.

But hey, I’ve never let a little thing like that stop me from trying to get in somewhere I don’t belong. Not that I expect to do that today. I figure security is going to be checking everyone very carefully today, since it’s the first official day of the convention. No, today, I will be scoping out the lay of the land, and getting a feel for how the grown-ups are dressed and what the credentials for various places I’d like to go look like.

Well, that, and seeing if I’ll be able to poach WiFi from the “Big Tent” where the real bloggers are going to be hanging out.

Wish me luck, everyone.

jane doe