…but not because of the convention. No, Denver is a nightmare because the downtown area is a maze of one-way streets at odd angles.

Nevertheless, I’ve found a place to park – at least temporarily – near the MSNBC base for the convention. It’s a few blocks from the Pepsi Center, but seems to be swarming with people who are here for the convention. And, hey, saw Richard Wolffe (of Newsweek and MSNBC) talking on his cellphone.

I’m currently poaching a WiFi connection at a Starbucks (the very name makes me shudder, but it’s a WiFi connection). There’s a trio of German reporters at another page table, discussing things earnestly, and people wearing Obama buttons or what have you are drifting by on a fairly regular basis.

Favorite thing seen so far: a street vendor selling an Obama watch:

Watch vendor by MSNBC booth

Watch vendor by MSNBC booth

Not that being more accurate than Bush is all that difficult, but whatever.

Further updates as events warrant…I have to go move my car now.

jane doe