You’ve probably already heard this, but MSNBC has finally gotten smart and is giving Rachel Maddow a show of her own, which will follow after Countdown on weeknights.

Allow me to add my voice to the thundering chorus of liberal bloggers, and say, “Yay!”

She’s smart, she’s witty, and she knows her political history. And she does not hesitate to call bullshit when some neocon goofball starts spouting talking points or lying outright.

For some time now, she’s been the only thing that would keep me watching any MSNBC panel discussion that also featured Pat Buchanan or Tucker Carlson. I’ve even endured Chris Matthews’ incessant talking over other people on the rare occasions when I’ve seen her on his show,* just to hear what she has to say.

She’s like, the AntiCoulter.

Anyway, congratulations to Rachel. I’m looking forward to seeing the new show.

jane doe

* For all I know, Rachel has been on Matthews’ show lots of times. I just don’t watch it very often because I really can’t stand to listen to that man. When he and Keith Olbermann are doing coverage of political events together, I mostly hit the mute when Tweety starts in. Awful, I know. But his voice is loud and harsh, and don’t get me started on his laugh. And he just can’t seem to stop himself from interrupting every single person he has on. Seriously. Once in a while, interruptions are okay – maybe even appropriate or necessary – but he does it all the fucking time.