I will be away from the blog and my e-mail for the next several days.

I’m leaving Redstatesville. Maybe just for the next few months. Maybe for good. Haven’t quite decided yet.

As I type these words, family members are driving toward Redstatesville to help me throw most of my stuff into a storage “pod”, which was delivered to the parking lot of my apartment building this morning. Once loaded, the pod will be taken to some undisclosed location where it will be stored for the next few months, in, I am assured, climate-controlled comfort.

Once we get that out of the way, I’ll be moving on to, well, let’s call it Higherstatesville.

From there, I’ll be seeing what sorts of trouble I can get into in the last months leading up to the November elections. I foresee a few major roadtrips, which I will of course be blogging from. I’m not entirely sure how well this all will work, but we’ll see. At the very least, I should be in Denver for the convention at the end of the month, and I hope to make it to at least a day or so of the Republican one as well.

After that, well, we’ll see how it goes.

Have a great week, everyone!

jane doe