So apparently, this November, voters in the city of San Francisco will be asked to approve a measure that would rename one of the city’s larger sewage treatment plants in honor of our alleged president. (h/t C&L)

Makes sense to me.

The measure is almost certain to pass because, well, it’s San Francisco, and they do that sort of thing there. The only place it would be more certain of passing would be across the Bay in Berkeley.

But why stop there? There’s all sorts of karmically appropriate re-naming we could do to “honor” this band of idiots:

  • The Alberto Gonzales Center for the Study and Treatment of Memory Disorders
  • The Karl Rove Toxic Waste Storage Facility
  • The Scooter Libby Men’s Correctional Facility
  • The Congressional Democratic Leadership Spinal Surgery Center

I’m having a bit of trouble coming up with something fitting for Dick Cheney, though. I initially wanted to use his name for the toxic waste dump, but Karl Rove seemed more appropriate there given his political tactics. I thought of picking some place that nobody likes, like Waco or Tooele, and just slapping his name on it, but he might take that as a compliment. Perhaps naming some stretch of beach that has become unusable due to an oil spill? Or a particularly nasty land fill? Or how about a slaughterhouse?

Ewww. That last one left me with kind of a bad mental image. Okay, game over.

Perhaps it would just be easier to impeach the bastards and be done with it.

jane doe