Bravo! to the 150 protesters who managed to get close enough to our alleged president today for Bush to hear them heckling him during his Fourth of July speech.

Somehow, over the past several years, the Secret Service and/or local police have generally been able to keep people protesting Bush’s policies in designated “free speech zones” that are usually a considerable distance from where the man is speaking or the route his motorcade is taking.

This “safety zone” (no dangerous ideas here, sir) has caused me to wonder frequently, is it possible that Incurious George really doesn’t know what most Americans are saying about him these days? Have the Secret Service and the members of his cabinet and staff so completely insulated him from public opinion that he thinks he still has the support of a lot of Americans? It’s like he’s the President in the Plastic Bubble or something.

At any rate, this group managed to get close enough to be heard, and I approve wholeheartedly. This is real patriotism.

People are still setting off fireworks here in Redstatesville, but I’m feeling burnt out after a long day, so that’s all for tonight.

Happy Fourth!

jane doe