Much to my displeasure, I’m going to be abandoning my “janedoe at” e-mail address.

You see, some genius named Linda Dudley apparently thought that was a good e-mail address to use for websites that required her to provide an e-mail address in order to login or whatever, and now my mailbox is getting about 300 spam messages a day.

This wouldn’t be so bad, except that the anti-spamware is a little overzealous in sending things to the junk mail folder, forcing me to scan through all the ads for easy credit and viagra in order to find the legitimate stuff that gets diverted by mistake.

Linda Dudley is very lucky I don’t have her e-mail address, because if I did, I would set up a filter that would auto-forward all the spam I’ve been getting to her before I washed my hands of the account. I figure sometimes it’s okay to act as an instrument of karma. Especially since I’m being forced to give up a nice, simple e-mail address in favor a more difficult to remember one.

Anyway, the new e-mail address is janedoe_tcandm [at] inbox [dot] com. Feel free to not send comments about the blog to that address if you’d rather not not post them directly as comments here, my dear non-existent readers.

jane doe

P.S. If anyone has sent me a message lately that I have not responded to, please re-send it. It was very late when I went through the thousands of messages in the spam folder, and I may not have caught all the legitimate e-mail messages. Sorry about that.