Well, my dear non-existent readers, I’m off to Chicago for the weekend. (Yes, I know it’s only Wednesday, but I like to use an expansive definition of the word weekend.) Looks like I may be driving through the set of Twister for part of the day, which should keep things exciting as I pass by all the cows and corn.

Exciting is a relative term here in Redstatesville.

I don’t know if I’ll be posting anything here over the next few days. The last time I visited the friend I’ll be staying with, she was still using a dial-up internet connection, so my blogging ability may be limited.

Have a great weekend, however you define it, and remember that War, Inc., is opening in new cities this weekend, so if you’re in one of those cities, go see it.

I’ll leave you with this — the only poem I’ve ever written that wasn’t too horrible to show to other people:


I have seen you
driving down the highway at
just above the legal limit
in your
air-conditioned motorhome
complete with microwave.
Intent on reaching your
final destination,
you never see
the flowers
growing by
the side of
the road.

jane doe