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Can I just say how much I absolutely adore Stephen Colbert?

Because I do. Really. This is a man who truly appreciates the mayhem that someone with his following can cause on teh internets, and he is putting that power to wonderful, chaotic, subversive use.

Last Wednesday – the night after McCain’s ill-advised warm-up speech for Barack Obama – Colbert concluded that by speaking in front of that famous green background, John McCain was actually issuing a challenge to people to take video of the speech and make it more interesting. (Addendum: It would not be possible to make that speech less interesting. Seriously, you don’t need Ambien. Just watch McCain’s speech and you’ll be asleep in no time…though I suppose it might give you nightmares.)

And thus was born Stephen Colbert’s second Green Screen Challenge.

Needless to say, the Colbert Nation has risen admirably to the challenge. A quick search of the phrase “McCain green screen challenge” pulls up 18 videos so far, as of 6:00 pm EST on Monday, June 9th. (My personal favorites: He Was There and McBush)

It’s going to be a fun campaign, folks!

Of course, this doesn’t change the fact that Bush and Cheney ought to be impeached.

jane doe

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