Whatever muse it is that provides inspiration to political bloggers has hit me hard, and I’m still working on that post about politics, hope, and fear that I promised last night, my dear, non-existent readers. It may be another day or so before I get it into shape to post here, because it’s turning into one of my huge monster posts.

Anyway, what are you looking here for? It’s Friday night! Grab a few friends and go see a movie! If you’re in New York or LA, go see War, Inc.! It’s opened in several more theaters in those cities (details here), and next week it’s opening in Boston, San Francisco, Berkeley, Seattle, and Chicago.

I’m particularly excited about that last one, as I already had plans to be in Chicago next week for the Billy Bragg concert. This is turning into quite the awesome road trip: Billy Bragg and War, Inc., in one weekend. Now if I can just get tickets to a Cubs game while I’m there, and maybe hit one of the Ethiopian restaurants they have in that town, life will be perfect.

Happy Friday, all!

jane doe