It was probably inevitable. Blame it on peer pressure, temporary insanity, or late-night caffeine-induced hallucinations, if you want.

I have set up a MySpace page.

But I have a good reason for it – honestly. It’s so I can keep up with certain political groups and musical artists that interest me.

Don’t believe me? Check out my rather anemic “friends” list. Am I actually friends with John Cusack, Billy Bragg, or Elvis Costello? Hah! I wish I were that cool. The sad reality is, I’m not even that cool in my dreams.

Anyway, I figured that as long as I was signing up for the free internet real estate, I would start posting a mirror of my blog there, as well. I haven’t figured out a good way to link directly to my real blog, so for now I’ll just post copies of my posts here over there.

So why am I mentioning this at all? Because there may be a few of you, my dear nonexistent readers, who are into the whole MySpace scene, and would prefer to get updates from my blog on your MySpace home page instead of via a bookmark or RSS aggregator. For whatever reason. So feel free to stop on by and add me as a friend, or, like, whatever. You can also check out what I’m reading at the moment, and see my countdown clock that is marking the days, hours, and minutes (still too many) until George Bush is out of office.

And you can also not post comments and messages to me there, just like most of you don’t post them here.

So feel free to check out my place over there. Of course, I’m dealing with the same anonymity issues there as I am here – specifically, the fact that I can’t have anything there or here that directly links my readers to my real life identity. Because I like my day job and would like to keep it for now. Thus there will be no entertaining pictures of your faithful blogger to make fun of, beyond a somewhat smaller version of the banner from this blog.

Anyway, stop on by and be sure to not leave a message for me!

jane doe

P.S. As always, I still believe that Bush and Cheney ought to be impeached.

Update: Okay, I’ve been doing the MySpace thing for a while now, and I have to admit, it’s pretty cool. I’ve “met” some really interesting people there, and I have to say that I’ve found some really good blogs there, too. So maybe, I was lame for thinking going there was lame. Or is that too recursive?