I would prefer to blog under my real name. I am not ashamed of my views, and feel like I should stand behind them. I blog under my blatantly obvious pseudonym because I work someplace where we occasionally have to deal with politicians of both political parties and my boss worried that if someone were to Google my name and find a link to this blog, it might limit the sorts of projects he could have me work on.

Recently, though, I read this article (h/t Crooks and Liars), about a political science professor and retired Marine who was informed at the airport that he was on the terrorist watch list. Apparently he was told by airline employees that marching at antiwar rallies or giving speeches critical of the government was sufficient to get someone added to the list.

Yes, you read that right. Protesting the war makes you a candidate for the terrorist watch list, which affects your ability to travel both internationally and within the country.

This is profoundly disturbing and seems like a violation of our constitutional liberties. If the government will do this to a decorated war veteran, what more might it do to the rest of us?

jane doe