Okay, I didn’t get my act together in time to come up with an “Alberto Gonzales Congressional Testimony Drinking Game,” but let’s face it, those hearings started way too early in the day, and ran way too long, to be good drinking game material, anyway. I mean, just saying, “Take one sip whenever Gonzo says ‘I can’t recall’” would have had everyone snot-slinging drunk before noon, and the hearings went until, what, 5:00 pm EST?

Here’s one thing that struck me, though. As someone in the audience at the Senate hearings pointed out (audible over the C-Span microphones), how did Alberto get through law school if his memory is really that bad? In law school, you really need to be able to remember a lot of information to pass your courses – fifty- to eighty-page study outlines by the end of the semester are probably the norm. So how did someone who apparently can’t remember whether he attended meetings or participated in discussions just a couple of months ago manage to graduate from Harvard Law School?

Occam’s razor answer: He is lying about what he can and can’t remember, and he’s doing it to cover for individuals in the Bush administration. Is he covering for The Decider, Rove, or someone else? Don’t know, and don’t really care, at this point, as it ultimately comes down to the President.

I’m just saying…

jane doe