Finally, someone — an individual from Reagan’s administration, no less — is using the word everyone has been dancing around for months. According to the folks over at The Raw Story (hat tip to Nicole at Crooks and Liars), former Reagan economist Paul Craig Roberts has written a column comparing Bush and his handling of the Iraq war to Hitler at the end of WW2.

Personally, I have held this view for months, but have been reluctant to express it publicly for fear of triggering the infamous Godwin’s law, which holds that once someone in an online debate starts comparing someone else to Hitler, all rational debate ends and the person who invoked Hitler’s name is declared the loser in the argument. The law arose because comparisons to Hitler have been legion, and are usually inappropriate hyperbole. At some point, however, the comparison becomes apt.

For myself, I have been focusing on the unprecedented expansion of asserted presidential authority and the steady erosion of our civil liberties under the current administration, coupled with the demonization of administration opponents in the press. Roberts evokes the comparison in a different context — actual handling of military strategy. In either case, I think the analogy to Hitler is valid, and I, for one, am glad the door has been opened to discussing this in polite society.

Questions, comments?

jane doe