Pity poor Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Georgia), who has the nerve to complain that the Democratic Party wants to increase the Congressional workweek from approximately two and a half days a week (Tuesday afternoon until about 2:00 Thursday) to roughly four days (Monday evening to Friday afternoon). This proves, he claims, that the Dems “don’t care about families.”


You see, many in Congress fly home on weekends to visit their families. And now they won’t be able to fly home until Friday afternoon, possibly not getting in until sometime Friday evening. After which, they will have to fly back to D.C. on Monday mornings, in order to make the unreasonable 6:30 pm deadline for scheduled action on congressional bills. For which they are paid the paltry sum of $165,200 per year (for the rank-and-file members), plus an automatic annual cost-of-living adjustment, plus benefits that are a huge improvement over what the average American worker receives, plus pension (if they serve a whopping five years, which most do given the reelection rates for incumbents) and retirement benefits that are better than Social Security (and not dependent on the Social Security program’s solvency when they reach retirement), plus perks that would again make most of us green with envy.


And yes, as many will point out, they could all probably make more money than that in the private sector (if you ignore the benefits, at least) – but then they might have to actually work for a living.


But perhaps I’m looking at this the wrong way. Surely, if Kingston believes that the current Congressional workweek is more supporting of families, he will be working in the next session to extend similar workweeks to the rest of us? From the folks over at firedoglake:



“It is wonderful to see a Republican like Jack Kingston supporting working families like this — wherein some folks have to work two and three jobs just to make ends meet. I look forward to his future legislative proposals to give every working person in America the same benefits he’s been able to enjoy as a Republican Rubber Stamp the last few years: great medical benefits, working only three days a week, passing little to no legislation — other than the full-of-earmarks rampant cronyism bills for pals of the GOP, six-figure salary, free trip perks…you know, what we all get to enjoy in our everyday lives. Oh, wait…”

jane doe