From the Electronic Frontier Foundation website (sometimes mistakenly referred to as the Electronic Freedom Foundation), we are told that our beloved government is preparing to make “risk assessments” of all U.S. travelers as they enter or leave the country. Risk assessments will apparently be maintained in government records for forty years, and you will not be able to gain access to your risk assessment score. That’s okay, though. Everyone else, including police, airlines, federal, state and local government agencies, and their contractors (hello, Halliburton!) will have access to your information.


Somebody, remind me – what country are we living in? ‘Cause, I thought this was America, not Cold War-era East Germany or the Soviet Union. This is terrifying to me, and (aside from my thoughtcrimes recorded in this little blog) I would not be considered the slightest risk to anyone. What about Islamic American citizens whose only crime is practicing a religion not shared by the alleged president? What about political activists who have pissed off the high and mighty? Are they/we to be prevented from exiting (or returning to) the country? Will airlines start refusing to sell tickets to those whose risk scores are too scary? Remember, you cannot access your score (legally, anyway), and there is no way to appeal it. It will be kept for forty years – hell, even bankruptcies are only maintained on your credit report for seven years.

Does anyone out there have any good recommendations for countries where they still have civil liberties, in case things get a little to scary here? It’s a difficult question, because this used to be the country fled to in order to escape oppression. Now, it would appear that we are the oppressed…

-jane doe