Planning on flying through Phoenix anytime soon? You may want to reconsider that decision. The voyeurs at the TSA are going to be testing the use of a prison x-ray screening system at that airport in the coming months. It has supposedly been modified to “blur” certain areas, and the screen will supposedly be viewable only by TSA employees, not other passengers. Know what? I don’t care. This is way too invasive for routine use against law-abiding Americans.


This is getting out of control, folks. Just how much privacy do we have to give up? I don’t want to go through one of these, and I defy you to find a woman who would be comfortable with this, no matter how allegedly safe backers claim the system will make passengers. Who the hell wants TSA employees perving on their bodies? Sure, some things may be blurred a bit, but this is still more revealing than your average bathing suit.


-jane doe