…for an alleged president who is rumored to have read only the children’s story A Pet Goat (or possibly My Pet Goat)– during the past six years? Apparently a pretty big one. According to the Daily News, Duhbya hopes to raise half a billion dollars for his presidential library. No that’s not a typo, I do mean billion with a B.

I can’t help thinking how much our public libraries across the country, most of which are desparately underfunded, could do with half a billion dollars. How many people could be fed, clothed, housed, and educated with that kind of money. Surely there are better things we can be doing with half a billion dollars than building a monument to the national embarrassment currently occupying the White House. Somebody please put a stop to this insanity!

jane doe

P.S. And yes, before my non-existent readers go running to correct me, I am aware of recent claims by Duhbya that he has been reading Serious Works of Literature. I don’t buy it for a minute, though. He’s probably only reading the Cliff’s Notes.