Credit the Huffington Post for this tip: a woman in Colorado has been told by her homeowners’ association to remove her wreath, which she has modified to look like a peace sign, because neighbors have complained that it is either an anti-Iraq protest or a symbol of Satan. I’m not making that last one up — follow the link to the AP article if you don’t believe me.

The HOA is fining her $25 a day for as long as she leaves it up, but she has announced that she will leave it up through the holidays. It’s interesting, because the HOA’s rules apparently prohibit “signs, billboards or advertising” — nothing about holiday decorations. And what’s really interesting is that it seems the HOA president is out to get her — he reportedly ordered the HOA architectural control committee (which authorizes signs) to require the woman to remove the wreath, but they quite sensibly said that it was “a seasonal symbol that didn’t say anything” and refused, whereupon the HOA president fired all the committee members.

Bah Humbug indeed.

Now, I am not a Christian, but I’ve always thought of Jesus as a promoter of peace. Perhaps I am missing something, but those “Know Jesus, Know Peace” bumperstickers seem pretty straightforward. (Though as a non-Christian, I must admit I generally find the “No Jesus, No Peace” part troubling…is that supposed to be some kind of threat? ‘Cause it sure sounds like one.) And isn’t there some Christmas song that says something like, “Peace on earth, good will to men”?

And as for the people who thought it was some sort of satanic symbol, are they being disingenuous, or have they been living under a rock for the last forty years? Come on people, wake up and join the rest of society.

jane doe