I’m a bit late with everything today, but this is definitely worthy of a mention: after careful consideration, and with voluminous documentation, NBC has made the decision that, as a matter of editorial policy, they will now refer to the situation in Iraq as a civil war. To which I say, about effing time.

Politicians and those with political agendas have been performing verbal gymnastics for years in order to describe their perspectives on controversial events or issues in the most flattering light possible, and the press has for far too long been giving them a free pass on this, reporting the euphemisms, repeating the euphemisms, without ever questioning the euphemisms.

So kudos to NBC for cutting through the euphemisms and calling the mess in Iraq what it is. I’ve no doubt they are in for a shitstorm of criticism from the alleged president, his minions, and their shills over at Faux News — which only proves how right NBC was to do this.

jane doe