Okay, I promised myself I wouldn’t blog from work, and I’m blowing it on my first day back in the office after creating this blog, but this is simply too appalling to wait until I get home. Rep. Howard Rangel (D – NY) is proposing to bring back the draft. His logic? That reinstituting the draft would deter politicians from launching wars.

With all due respect to Congressman Rangel, that is the kind of logic that would support giving a spendthrift a high-limit credit card in order to encourage him to live within his means.  Yes, I know, the CNN story reports that his logic is that politicians would be more hesitant to enter ill-advised wars if they believed their sons or daughters, or the sons and daughters of their well-heeled financial backers, would be called upon to fight. Nice logic, except that it has always been the children of the very wealthy and powerful who were able to escape the draft — one need look no further than our current alleged President for evidence to support that statement.

If one truly wants to deter unnecessary wars, one should institute a requirement that the leaders that cause us to enter such wars must truly lead their troops — into combat, on the battlefield, risking death right alongside our men and women of the armed forces.  That would get them to think twice before invading countries that haven’t actually attacked us lately. Yes, I realize that this would be impractical, and I’m not truly serious (though I fully expect some right-winger to quote me out of context on that, anyway). But it would be a great deal more logical than reinstituting the draft if one’s goal is to deter unnecessary wars.

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jane doe