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Okay, this is interesting. It seems that, perhaps as part of his severance package, the DoD is allowing the departing Donald Rumsfeld to post his resumé on their website. It certainly makes for some interesting reading…

Now, naturally, when one finds oneself, as a musician friend of mine once described it, “between gigs”, one wants to describe ones past accomplishments in the most positive terms possible, and one would expect no less (or more) of the former Secretary of Defense. However, there is a world of difference between describing one’s prior position as a “sanitation engineer” when in fact one drove a garbage truck for one’s livelihood, and some of the — well, lying is a harsh (though apt) word, but perhaps whitewashing? — one finds on this website. I hardly know where to start, but let’s look at a few quotes, shall we?

“Overall: A multinational coalition has liberated more than 50 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq, with formation of representative governments and security forces.”

Okay, first of all, this statement falls under the heading “War on Terror”, and while I will allow that while that argument may hold true for Afghanistan, there has to date been no proof that Iraq was involved in 9/11 or otherwise supporting al-Qaeda. Indeed, there is now evidence that Hussein was nearly as opposed to bin Laden and crew as we are (I will post a like as soon as I can remember where I saw the article). I will, however, allow that Iraq has certainly become a breeding ground for terrorist activity in the months since Dubya declared “Mission Accomplished!”

Beyond all that, I am forced to wonder how many civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan are feeling at all liberated these days…moving on:

“Recruited, Organized, Trained, and Equipped Iraqi and Afghan Security Forces”

I’m sorry, but given the current chaos in Iraq, I’m afraid it is logically and grammatically impossible to use the word organized in the same sentence with the phrase Iraqi Security Forces. Moving on…

“Suspected terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba have revealed information that has helped thwart attacks against our troops, the American people and our allies.”

No mention of interrogation techniques used to obtain that information, of course. Torture is such an ugly word to put on one’s resumé – even euphemisms don’t help much there. Nor should they.

I could go on (and on, and on), and I’m sure others will (if I see a more detailed analysis elsewhere, I will post a link), but I’m sure you get the general idea. It would be amusing, if it weren’t for all the dead bodies stacking up as a result of Rummy’s policies.

Seriously, would you hire this man?

jane doe

Yes, I am blogging under the name “jane doe” — the ubiquitous pseudonym for a female defendant whose name is not yet known in legal briefs and decisions. This was not my first choice for posting in this forum. I had originally intended to blog under my real name. I am a person of strong beliefs, and I prefer to stand up for those beliefs, not to hide behind a fake name to protect my identity.

Unfortunately, reality intruded.

You see, I, like most bloggers, do not expect to be able to make my living through blogging. I have a job, one that I rather like, which keeps a roof over my head and Ben-and-Jerry’s in my freezer. My place of employment is in fairly regular contact with, and frequently does work for, government officials of both political parties.

Many of those individuals would probably not find the views I plan to express here terribly pleasing.

Since I like my boss and my job, I do not want to create difficulties for either when I shoot my mouth off in this forum. Thus, the pseudonym.

I ask you, gentle reader, to indulge my weakness in this respect, and consider my words and ideas posted here on their merit, though you do not have a real name to link them to. In return, I pledge that, if and when my employment circumstances change, I will reveal my true identity and dispense with the pseudonym.

Very truly yours,

jane doe

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